Day 5: Berry Lime Sub…lemon?

Given the astronomical amout of juice we appear to get through in our flat, it’s no surprise we are big fans of smoothies.

Kai mentioned a wonderful sounding concoction from Jamba Juice’s secret menu, known to those in the know as a Berry Lime Sublime.
Berries? Citrus? Smoothie? Ticking boxes left right and centre with this one..

The hunt for a recipe did infact chuck a real one our way, but how much “a scoop” really measures is anyones guess. This recipe, however, provided us with much more of an idea of how things should be going… but in true 365NORTH style, we made it up a bit:

  • As the title suggests we substituted all the lime ingredients with lemony equivalents.
  • Working with what we had, frozen Strawberries became a frozen Rasberries, and therefore the smaller ¼C measurement became frozen Mixed Berries.
  • Rather than using tinned manderins we used fresh oranges.  Probably could have used Orange Juice even… Good to remember.
  • Peach? Why a peach? We didn’t have any anyways… Goodbye peach.
  • Definitely used less than ¼C of sugar, but the exact amount I could not tell you.  Sort of just sprinkled some in.
  • And as for icecubes… meh, truth be told they were completely forgotten about until after serving but with the sorbet and frozen berries it was more than cold enough.

Noone needs a step by step of smoothie making, surely.

  1. Chuck stuff in blender
  2. Blend
  3. Serve (And elaborately garnish and photograph, if you’re us)

Although, I did completely blend the oranges first and consider straining out any remaining pulpy bits.  Seeing as we lack any way to have done that, I skipped that part too.

Also… adjust amounts to personal taste of course, that’s the beauty of smoothie making.  I am a huge fan of citrus fruits so added a lot more lemon juice than was recommended in the recipe.

Conclusion: Berries + Lemon = Win!


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