Day 13: Chorizo/pork burgers

I feel that we have recently become the queens of making recipes work for us.
I guess that’s half the fun of cooking.

So… in the absence of minced pork when we desire to make our own Pork and Chorizo Burgers… we’ll empty out a pack of pork sausages and see what we can achieve.
Contains herbs already?
Even better ;]

I’m all for cutting corners =P

The mixture was a little stickier than would have been helpful, so despite the lack of breadcrumbs in the recipe we chucked some in the bowl for good measure.

Really tasty burgers too, the recipe has already been passed on to a friend (who passed it onto his wife, I suspect, that they will appear before him at some point).

Personally I feel our chunks of chorizo were a little on the large side… but when you are hungry and cooking at speed, who needs the hassle of cutting things up properly?


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