Day 14: Deliah’s Devilled Ribs

Hypothetically, if I was to be behind in blogging and writing this weeks after cooking something… one would struggle slightly with the entries? Right?

In theory.
Of course ;]

….With that said… Onwards! Ribs! Pork spare ribs, to be precise.

We spent a loooong time looking for the perfect spare rib/BBQ recipe that not only sounded delicious, but meant we didn’t have to buy too much stuff.
And Deliah wins!

Deliah’s Devilled Spare Ribs

This one comes highly recommended from Nomming North; it doesn’t require an obscene amount of preparation time (despite the hefty amount of ingredients there appears to be in that photo), or marinading time… and we demolished our tidy pile of ribs pretty rapidly post-cooking, accompanied with some rice pilaf and grilled tomatoes.



Not-so-pro tip:
What do you do if you don’t have a pestle and mortar? We have discovered that along with our flair for making do with what with have ingredients-wise, we’re also dab hands ad cobbling together some form of useful impliment in the absence of the correct items.
No pestle and mortar? A mug and the handle end of a knife work just fine. Who’d’ve thought..

In hind sight… perhaps not holding the blade end of a knife would be a preferable course of action.


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