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Day 7: Ginger(bread) Moustaches!

Ever wondered what we would look like with moustaches?
Naturally so have we… Though, if you have checked out our About Us page, Kai can be seen sporting some rather fine facial hair.

However, Suzi wins at Christmas presents.  So, naturally… Moustache Cookie Cutters lying around in our cupboards were begging to be used.

Behold: The Gingerbread Moustache:

This Martha Stewart gingerbread recipe contained more pepper than I ever would have considered putting in a cookie, but I have learned not to question Martha! (And with good reason too!).  Don’t be alarmed by the sheer quantities of spice that appear in the bowl before mixing!!
It’s a brilliant recipe with delicious results, and the perfect consitency to create cookies that hold their shape. Especially in terms of these cutters, that you flip over to use the ‘stamp’ side of to form the moustache detail.

Ours came out a little “crispy” around the edges on a couple, especially if they were situated more toward the back of the oven.  This would have been sorted by rolling the dough out not quite so thinly, or shortening the baking time. The rolling, cutting, refridgerating and then baking process does get a little tedious, but once you get into a system it is fairly smooth sailing.

We have had nothing but good feedback from university peers and colleagues with these… and I have not seen ONE person resist putting their cookie to their face prior to eating.
You’d love a moustache for a while, you know you would.

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Day 2: Pita Bread

Using a recipe found at Sweet Pea’s Kitchen, we ventured into the realms of pita bread creation. This recipe is awesome, because not only is it fairly easy to do but it’s possibly one of the only recipe’s we’re likely to do that is vegan friendly. Not that that’s an issue for either of us but it’s good to know, and perhaps more vegan friendly recipes are something we should look into further along in the project.

Be warned; as is somewhat standard in bread making anyway, there is a LOT of waiting around. Allow plenty of time before you want to serve the pitas, and if you’re really super clever about it they’re delicious when they are fresh out of the oven. =]

We served our with Kai’s delicious honey mustard chicken and apple salad and there were happy taste buds all round!

Day1: Ready. Steady… RAINBOW CAKE!

In order to see this project off to a suitable start, ourselves and our friends over at NOMMING365South decided that a joint venture into the world of rainbow baking was in order!

Given that Victoria sponge was not really a new recipe for anyone but we all made it differently, we picked a recipe that none of us had done before.
This Martha Stewart recipe is perfect, as the removal of the egg yolk makes for paler cake batter and therefore brighter colours.

Seeing as this whole project is about trying new things, here’s evidence of Nat learning to seperate yolks from egg whites.

I think we can consider it a success!  No split yolks, only one or two escaped back into the bowl..  and very minimal egg shell ;]

Pro tip:  When the recipe asks for room temperature ingredients, it’s usually a good idea to make sure this happens.  Especially where butter in the ingredient in question. Otherwise you end up with arm ache while trying to make do without an electric mixer to do all the hard work for you.

In fact Suzi almost certainly uttered the words “I’ve been doing a lot of stabbing!” And that, intrepid 365 followers, is a technical term for how to combine butter and sugar… we promise.

When it came to the fun food colouring part, we found that different manufacturers certainly provided varying levels of colour quality in their food dyes.

The red and blue Silver Spoon food colourings we used were pretty disappointing. And really theres a point you reach where you have to question if the amount you are adding is going to do anything strange to your recipe. Likewise… when you are mixing orange and you end up adding more red food dye than yellow.  Needless to say, the disappointing red and blue dyes made for interesting purple mixing.
The Langdale yellow colouring needed all of two or three drops to achieve the canary yellow we did, and likewise, the Dr. Oetker green was a success!

We also did find the colours changed a lot after baking, which is useful to note!

Overall, the rainbow cake was a huge success!
Cutting it proved an interesting task but once we had managed that, the vanilla sponge and frosting was accompanied with clotted cream icecream, and followed by a couple of slightly nauseous feeling ladies ;].
But in small portions, it’s the prettiest cake we’ve ever eaten!

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