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Day 10: Apple, Bacon and Cheddar Frittata

Apparently a craving for omelette was not a good enough reason for North London skip making relevant food for Nomming365.  Oh no!

So Kai set herself on a mission to find a frittata recipe that we could make without having to leave the apartment (and subsequently avoid having to get dressed in something other than pyjamas).

The result, using only ingredients that can regularly be found in our fridge was an Apple, Bacon and Cheddar frittata.  (If we’re ever out of bacon.. You can safely assume something is afoot!)
Created using a combination of two different recipes to accomodate our lack of oven-safe frying pan, our frittata was oven baked, except for some bacon frying on the hob.

The result. Was. Delicious.
And huge.
(But equally delicious when eaten cold too, so the amount it rose was perfect)

I have a feeling we may start experimenting with frittatas more often!