Day 14: Deliah’s Devilled Ribs

Hypothetically, if I was to be behind in blogging and writing this weeks after cooking something… one would struggle slightly with the entries? Right?

In theory.
Of course ;]

….With that said… Onwards! Ribs! Pork spare ribs, to be precise.

We spent a loooong time looking for the perfect spare rib/BBQ recipe that not only sounded delicious, but meant we didn’t have to buy too much stuff.
And Deliah wins!

Deliah’s Devilled Spare Ribs

This one comes highly recommended from Nomming North; it doesn’t require an obscene amount of preparation time (despite the hefty amount of ingredients there appears to be in that photo), or marinading time… and we demolished our tidy pile of ribs pretty rapidly post-cooking, accompanied with some rice pilaf and grilled tomatoes.



Not-so-pro tip:
What do you do if you don’t have a pestle and mortar? We have discovered that along with our flair for making do with what with have ingredients-wise, we’re also dab hands ad cobbling together some form of useful impliment in the absence of the correct items.
No pestle and mortar? A mug and the handle end of a knife work just fine. Who’d’ve thought..

In hind sight… perhaps not holding the blade end of a knife would be a preferable course of action.


The Tennessee Apple: Revisited

Being the pros that we are at The Tennessee Apple these days, we thought it was only fair that we unleash the awesome on our friends.

And we still had the relevant ingredients lurking on top of the fridge so really, it would have been rude not to.

Needless to say.  It’s still getting awesome reactions.

If you try it, let us know how it goes!

Day 13: Chorizo/pork burgers

I feel that we have recently become the queens of making recipes work for us.
I guess that’s half the fun of cooking.

So… in the absence of minced pork when we desire to make our own Pork and Chorizo Burgers… we’ll empty out a pack of pork sausages and see what we can achieve.
Contains herbs already?
Even better ;]

I’m all for cutting corners =P

The mixture was a little stickier than would have been helpful, so despite the lack of breadcrumbs in the recipe we chucked some in the bowl for good measure.

Really tasty burgers too, the recipe has already been passed on to a friend (who passed it onto his wife, I suspect, that they will appear before him at some point).

Personally I feel our chunks of chorizo were a little on the large side… but when you are hungry and cooking at speed, who needs the hassle of cutting things up properly?

Day 10: Apple, Bacon and Cheddar Frittata

Apparently a craving for omelette was not a good enough reason for North London skip making relevant food for Nomming365.  Oh no!

So Kai set herself on a mission to find a frittata recipe that we could make without having to leave the apartment (and subsequently avoid having to get dressed in something other than pyjamas).

The result, using only ingredients that can regularly be found in our fridge was an Apple, Bacon and Cheddar frittata.  (If we’re ever out of bacon.. You can safely assume something is afoot!)
Created using a combination of two different recipes to accomodate our lack of oven-safe frying pan, our frittata was oven baked, except for some bacon frying on the hob.

The result. Was. Delicious.
And huge.
(But equally delicious when eaten cold too, so the amount it rose was perfect)

I have a feeling we may start experimenting with frittatas more often!

Day 9: Thai Red Curry

Sometimes we find ourselves asking each other whether or not a particular recipe counts for our 365 and more often than not we’ll find a way to make these things work.
And anyways, we set our own rules to start with…

With that said, I discovered a Thai Red Curry kit in our local store and had the very same debate.  It was certainly no ready meal, but a box containing the right amounts of the right ingredients to create the perfect curry.

Simple to follow, super tasty and would be easy enough to recreate even if I was to go out and buy the ingredients individually myself. I’m a big fan of being able to throw everything in a pan at once… but that could be because I hate doing dishes…

We say it counts 😉

Day 8: Arugula/Rocket/Arugula/Rocket

With one American and one Brit in the same kitchen, there are inevitably going to be some disputes over what things are called.  So, whether this to you would be:

Rocket Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese


Arugula Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese

…it’s pretty tasty either way.

In all fairness the recipe we followed from Simply Recipes states arugula, and I think it’s more fun than rocket.  Arugula it is.
(One friend that this informaion was relayed to replied with “Rocket as in… the shitty leaf?” I guess this salad wouldn’t be such a winner with her)

We nommed ours with some mac and cheese.

My only change to it would have been less of the beet vinegar, but I’m not even sure how much we put in to begin with .  Sticking to recipes?  Haha….

Day 7: Ginger(bread) Moustaches!

Ever wondered what we would look like with moustaches?
Naturally so have we… Though, if you have checked out our About Us page, Kai can be seen sporting some rather fine facial hair.

However, Suzi wins at Christmas presents.  So, naturally… Moustache Cookie Cutters lying around in our cupboards were begging to be used.

Behold: The Gingerbread Moustache:

This Martha Stewart gingerbread recipe contained more pepper than I ever would have considered putting in a cookie, but I have learned not to question Martha! (And with good reason too!).  Don’t be alarmed by the sheer quantities of spice that appear in the bowl before mixing!!
It’s a brilliant recipe with delicious results, and the perfect consitency to create cookies that hold their shape. Especially in terms of these cutters, that you flip over to use the ‘stamp’ side of to form the moustache detail.

Ours came out a little “crispy” around the edges on a couple, especially if they were situated more toward the back of the oven.  This would have been sorted by rolling the dough out not quite so thinly, or shortening the baking time. The rolling, cutting, refridgerating and then baking process does get a little tedious, but once you get into a system it is fairly smooth sailing.

We have had nothing but good feedback from university peers and colleagues with these… and I have not seen ONE person resist putting their cookie to their face prior to eating.
You’d love a moustache for a while, you know you would.

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Day 6: Guiness Beef Stew

One day a few months ago a good friend of ours from nommingIreland came over and made us some beef stew. It was delicious and both of us said, we’ve never made beef stew! Therefore when stumbling upon this recipe on Blissfully Delicious we couldn’t say no! It helped that it was made with beer, what could be better?

This stew came out well, it was a bit watery but it was filled with so much goodness that we didn’t mind. We did however have it with a bit of fresh bread, perfect!

Day 5: Berry Lime Sub…lemon?

Given the astronomical amout of juice we appear to get through in our flat, it’s no surprise we are big fans of smoothies.

Kai mentioned a wonderful sounding concoction from Jamba Juice’s secret menu, known to those in the know as a Berry Lime Sublime.
Berries? Citrus? Smoothie? Ticking boxes left right and centre with this one..

The hunt for a recipe did infact chuck a real one our way, but how much “a scoop” really measures is anyones guess. This recipe, however, provided us with much more of an idea of how things should be going… but in true 365NORTH style, we made it up a bit:

  • As the title suggests we substituted all the lime ingredients with lemony equivalents.
  • Working with what we had, frozen Strawberries became a frozen Rasberries, and therefore the smaller ¼C measurement became frozen Mixed Berries.
  • Rather than using tinned manderins we used fresh oranges.  Probably could have used Orange Juice even… Good to remember.
  • Peach? Why a peach? We didn’t have any anyways… Goodbye peach.
  • Definitely used less than ¼C of sugar, but the exact amount I could not tell you.  Sort of just sprinkled some in.
  • And as for icecubes… meh, truth be told they were completely forgotten about until after serving but with the sorbet and frozen berries it was more than cold enough.

Noone needs a step by step of smoothie making, surely.

  1. Chuck stuff in blender
  2. Blend
  3. Serve (And elaborately garnish and photograph, if you’re us)

Although, I did completely blend the oranges first and consider straining out any remaining pulpy bits.  Seeing as we lack any way to have done that, I skipped that part too.

Also… adjust amounts to personal taste of course, that’s the beauty of smoothie making.  I am a huge fan of citrus fruits so added a lot more lemon juice than was recommended in the recipe.

Conclusion: Berries + Lemon = Win!

Day 4: Rustic Bacon and Cheddar Mash

Let us first go over Kai’s extreme hatred for making mash. For some reason she seems to have this problem with fully cooking the potatoes, so 90 min later the potatoes are still undercooked… and therefore she decides that these are going to be Rustic Bacon and Cheddar Mash… (to be fair they still tasted pretty good, the amount of bacon and cheddar was perfect!)

So there was 3 rashers of streaky bacon, a half of cup of cheddar, cream and obviously some angry fucking potatoes (that clearly have something against Kai) involved. The bacon was chopped then cooked in a frying pan before being added to the mashed potatoes at the same time as the cheese and a bit more cream, then stirred diligently with a fork (stirring with a fork is pretty normal round these parts).

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